Multi tile/paver patterns
Square Running Bond (8x8 or 4x4)6x9 Running BondRectangular Running Bond (4x8 OR 3x6)6x9 Herringbone4x8 OR 3x6 Herringbone4x8 OR 3x6 BasketweaveHexagon (Honeycomb)
Multi-OPaver Running Bond 6x9 & 3x6
75% 6x9, 25% 3x6Multi-Step 6x9 & 3x6
75% 6x9, 25% 3x6Multi-Basketweave 8x8 & 4x8
50% 8x8, 50% 4x8Multi-Step 8x8 & 4x4
80% 8x8, 20% 4x4Multi-Mosaic 8x8, 4x8 & 4x4
60% 8x8, 22% 4x8, 18% 4x4Multi-Interlock 4x8 & 4x4
66% 4x8, 34% 4x4
There are endless possibilities with respect to patterns and shape combinations.  Work with your designer/installer to develop a custom layout that fits your unique tastes and application.  In addition to patterns, consider decorative borders, accent bands and intermittent accent tiles throughout your design. To get you started, peruse through some of our standard patterns below. 

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Tile & Paver Patterns
Single tile/paver patterns